Replate or Repair your jewelry

Throw away your old pieces? Think twice.

Gold-plated jewelry wears off over time, but there is no need to give up on the pieces you love. Get them replated easily with JOOPITA, so you can keep wearing them for good.

We can plate jewelry pieces which are made of silver and brass.

We can also give your jewellery a new look with a fresh layer of gold, even if it's not previously been gold plated.

Our Replate service is available to US clients only.

How our ReJoop Service Works

Fill out the form & Email us your order

Please attach your e-receipt and the form and email to our customer service team Our Replating and Repair prices are 30% of the original price. The standard plating thickness for vermeil products is 3 microns. For other gold-plated pieces, the thickness is 1 micron. Gemstone prices will be quoted further in the email.

Get your packaging and send us

We will send you everything you need to pack and return the piece to us for replating. Shipping fee is US$10 flat for US customers and insured.

Your jewelry is replated by our goldsmiths

Within 4 weeks, your jewelry is replated by our goldsmith and experts.

Receive your freshly replated piece

We'll send you back your piece with a fresh layer of gold, ready to wear for another decade thanks to the modern PVD technique.

Benefits of replating your gold jewellery with ReJoop


We've made it easy - just order our ReJoop, place your jewelry in it and drop it off at the nearest post office.


We guarantee you won't find a better price elsewhere!

Handled by specialists

We only work with certified goldsmiths and experts, who will replate your jewellery to the highest quality standards.

Your jewelry is in good hands

We work with best-of class experts in PVD gold-plating jewelry of all kinds. The process includes cleaning, polishing and replating. The end result is a piece that will shine like new.

ReJoop is an act of kindness to an old piece that has much more to give.

Let’s get old together. Because keeping memories is important. And every good relationship takes some effort.

Pricing & shipping
How much does it cost to plate a piece of jewellery?

Our reJOOP plating services are flat at 30% of original product price with a US$10 shipping fee. For vermeil products, the reJOOP service will plate 14K gold to the thickness of 3 microns, which will last at least 3-5 years even with everyday wear. For other products, the thickness of replating will be 1 micron of 14K-18K gold, depending on the original gold of the product. With regular and considerate wear, it will last you 1-2 years.

Is delivery included in your prices?

No, our reJOOP plating services are flat at 30% of original product price with a US$10 shipping fee. Once you complete your order, we will send you some pre-paid return packaging to send your jewellery to us. As soon as your piece is ready, we will send it back to you.

Is postage insured?

All postage is covered by insurance. This includes when you send your jewellery to us and when we return your finished piece.

How long will it take to plate my jewellery?

It will take approx 4 weeks from the moment we receive your jewellery.

Plating process
My jewellery contains stones. Can I still have this plated?

Most stones can be plated, such as moissanite and sapphires. However, there’s some gemstones which may become damaged or discoloured through the plating process. These stones include: pearls, opals, lapis, malachite, moonstones, labradorite and coral.

Do you offer rose and white gold plating?

Yes, we do. Please get in touch with us at

Can I plate silver jewellery?

We can plate any JOOPITA silver jewellery with Rhodium and 18K White Gold.

What happens next?

  1. Fill out and email the form to and we will reply with a quotation
  2. Confirm the payment link
  3. Receive pre-paid packaging, fully insured
  4. Send us your piece(s)
  5. Our goldsmiths replate your piece(s)
  6. Receive freshly plated piece within four weeks

Do you have any questions?

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