Our Design

While JOOPITA is more sustainable than most jewelry brand out there, they also happen to be pretty cute, if we may say so ourselves.

We design 14K vermeil and moissanite jewelry for the modern women. from low-impact materials, rescued deadstock fabrics, and repurposed vintage clothing. Ref products are designed, shot, and shipped at our facilities in Los Angeles.

We also make some of our stuff in our LA factory, and the rest at sustainable partner factories around the world.

We get to know all of our partners, so we can answer “who made our jewelries” at every level of the supply chain, and ensure positive environmental and social impacts in the process.

We believe it's so worth being TRUE to use only real gold, silver, pearls and stones on our jewelry.

Because being true is long-lasting. In today's age of global connectivity, cultures and identities mix and mingle, JOOPITA reinterprets styles in an authentic and global way, offering an accessible omniverse of jewelries.


The creative journey of our stunning jewelry pieces starts at our New York studio where our specialized creative team pours their heart and soul into every design. From the first sketch to the selection of high-quality materials, every aspect of our jewelry design process is executed with absolute attention to detail, making sure every piece is nothing but unique and exquisite.


Our pieces are not only a work of art in design but also in their production. We combine attentive handcrafting expertise with the latest PVD technology, which is applied in different stages until reaching the final jewelry product. By utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, we create jewelry that is not only timeless but also sustainable and environment-friendly, ensuring a positive impact at every step of the production process.


Our creative team's devotion to precision and our innovative manufacturing techniques result in nothing but the most remarkable jewelry pieces. We craft every piece with an immense amount of love and care, making sure our customers receive the most exquisite jewelry items that they will cherish for years to come.