Founder's Story

Inspiring Potential, Changing Destinies

I am Lora, the founder of JOOPITA. As a 34-year-old female entrepreneur, I have experienced bullying and faced injustice while growing up in the United States as a Chinese-American. In the process of designing products, I infused my belief that every woman has boundless potential waiting to be discovered and unleashed. Encouraged by mentors, I created my own website and designed jewelry pieces during my schooling, aiming to convey my vision and inspire others. My ultimate goal is to empower every woman to tap into and unleash their potential, enabling them to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

The Power of Our Team

Focused on Perfection, From 0 to 1

JOOPITA's team consists of four exceptional women. I handle product design, Jean is responsible for liaising with factories for production, Vivian oversees website design, and Olivia leads our marketing efforts. Each of us strives to achieve perfection in the process of transforming an idea into a tangible product. With diverse backgrounds and experiences, we all share the belief that women possess tremendous potential, waiting to be unlocked and harnessed to fulfill their aspirations.

The Empowering Jewelry Design

From Timidity to Courage, from Doubt to Growth

At JOOPITA, our product designs are inspired by the belief that every woman possesses inherent potential. Our creations empower women to transition from timidity to courage, from self-doubt to personal growth. We have curated different collections with the aim of allowing more women to experience the transformative power of their potential and create positive change in their lives. When customers purchase our products, they not only acquire high-quality jewelry crafted with materials such as 14K gold vermeil, 925 sterling silver, and top-grade Moissanite diamonds, but they also become bearers and ambassadors of the JOOPITA vision and culture.

Inspiring Women

Feel Your Best in Your Favorite JOOPITA Pieces

We strive to inspire confidence within our like-minded community, ensuring that they feel their best while wearing their favorite JOOPITA pieces.

Social Impact

Partnering with Seek Her Charitable Organization

At JOOPITA, we firmly believe in giving back to society. We have established a deep partnership with the charitable organization Seek Her, contributing donations and actively collaborating to support and uplift our fellow women. Through this collaboration, we not only provide financial support to Seek Her's initiatives but also actively participate in advocacy efforts to champion women's rights and equality. We believe that by working together, more women can discover their true potential, break free from adversity, and achieve success.

Headquartered in New York

City Vibrancy, Cultural Influence

Our headquarters are located in the vibrant city of New York, which serves as a thriving base for JOOPITA's growth. Immersed in the energy of this city, we draw inspiration from its rich cultural diversity. This multicultural influence fuels our constant innovation, enabling us to design jewelry pieces that embody uniqueness and effectively communicate our values and philosophy.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to every customer who supports JOOPITA. Your trust and recognition inspire us to continually strive for excellence. We remain dedicated to our unwavering pursuit of superior materials and craftsmanship, ensuring that every customer experiences the power and warmth of JOOPITA through our products.


Whether you are seeking a meaningful jewelry piece or looking to contribute to the advancement of women's causes by supporting our brand, we welcome you to join the JOOPITA family. Together, let us explore and amplify the infinite potential of women, working towards a more just and equal world.